The Jump to Pop

A sound of revival, a millenial revival to be exact. At the turn of the century, Pop music dominated the charts. Hits from the one and only Brittany Spears to one of the hottest boybands in the world, NSYNC, carried over from the late 1990’s and stuck around until the mid-2000’s. These artists truly defined the teen generation, by fueling the hot pink, tummy bearing tracksuits, and the infamous Ramen noodle hair. What a time to be a teen!

As teen pop became more and more significant into defining, well who else? The TEENS! The culture branched out into subgenres to continue their world domination, literally. Although these genres had been out for quite sometime, it wasn’t until the 2000’s, when musicians in these genres began growing more attention due to the access of the internet. These blooming genres included pop rock, BritPop, KPop, and ElectroPop.

The subgenre that really blew my mind was, ElectroPop. Growing up in the 2000’s, it was a bit of a culture shock hearing the music emerging from this subgenre. Listening to the music my older sister had chosen, which was normally boybands and Brittany Spears, that was my only exposure to Pop music. Once I was a preteen, Ke$ha and Lady Gaga both had a huge rise to fame suddenly. Ke$ha, to this day, is one of the most successful ElectroPop music artists. She and Lady Gaga essentially went into battle to see who could top the charts in Pop music. Some artists that define the 2010’s ElectroPop would be Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Brittan Spears, still! You go, Brittany!

So you’re probably wondering, how did ElectroPop, climb it’s way to the top? Let’s cut to the chase, Pitch Correcting! Which is essentially, auto-tune! Basically, the artists can have producers re-pitch their voices to sound more “robotic.” As time progresses, like it does, this “robotic,” Siri-like voice is actually preferred. For example, the subgenre of ElectroPop, EDM. Electronic Dance Music, is a one-track way to the top of the charts. It doesn’t take much, not that whatever I say is invalidating it, but all you need is a recording device, a few pre-recorded sound effects, and you don’t even need a vocalist. Boom! You got yourself a hot dance track.

From Pop, to ElectroPop, to the new defining EDM. The Millenials only know how to go up. And that’s certainly a force to be reckoned with.


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