The Loop: My Current Playlist

This month has been an awesome month for me, in terms on music. I’ve been listening to new artists and familiar artists, which all result in a loopable playlist. Check them out below!

Lostboycrow- “Stay a Little Longer”
I was introduced to Lostboycrow’s music at an on campus concert. I got a bit of the last 10 minutes and for his last and final song had me hooked once I heard the riff in the first 10 seconds. If you like the “dancey” vibes of EDM, but want something a little more chill to cool down to, check out his newest single, “Stay a Little Longer.” The catchy lyrics will have you playing this electropop song on repeat.

Troye Sivan ft. Alex Hope “Blue”
If you need a ballad to get you into the winter blues, have a listen to Troye Sivan’s “Blue,” from his latest album. It’s a haunting, yet calmly, catchy song, that’ll leave a lingering atmosphere perfect for a cloudy day.

Flor- “Heart”
For fans of The 1975 and Young Rising Sons, have a listen to “Heart,” by Flor. The intro had me fooled into thinking this was right up The 1975’s lane, but the lyrics, vocals, and the rhythm of the drums remind me of Young Rising Sons. If you need a sentimental song that makes you forget that it has a deeper meaning, just listening to their entire album, I’m 10000% positive you will find one in their newest EP “Sounds EP.”

What are you currently listening to? Let me know in the comments!


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