Youtube is easily one of the biggest and most popular sites to shoot “normal people” into stardom, like Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, etc. Obviously, this has only happened in this decade. The meaning of “going viral” never really happened in the 50’s, 60’s, etc. I won’t be talking about the one hit wonders in this article, but instead the currently active channels. Youtubers are huge influencers of pop culture. They tell us what’s in and what’s out, but also bring up huge political topics that other Millenials are too afraid to speak up about and inform, the sometimes oblivious, Now Generation.

I’m a huge Youtuber fan, so I could go on and on about the Youtubers that I follow, but this is a music blog, so let’s explore the Youtube Music Industry together!

The first music Youtuber that I began following and launched my interest in Youtube music, is the one and only Kurt Hugo Schneider. First of all, that name is literally very pleasing to my ears. Secondly, Kurt has mad music skills! Any instrument he picks up, he can play like an expert. I’ve seen him play the classic piano, the quirky glockenspiel, the romantic harp, and I kid you not, a cellphone! Kurt also does collabs with other Youtubers ranging from artists with millions of subscribers or a couple thousand. His collaborations give awesome oppurtunities for small, growing channels to reach a larger audience. He’s also collaborated with huge music artists like Zendaya, Victoria Justice, and Jason Derulo. Any viewer can see that a lot of effort and planning was put in to produce the music, choreography, and right down to the filming and editing.

A Youtuber that I am currently obsessed with is Andrew Huang. He combines music, his quirky engineering abilities, and humor to create some of the most enjoyable music videos on Youtube. From a cover of Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” where he plays the song using 24 carrots (Yes, I kid you not!) to mixing a sick beat using only Donald Trump’s sniffles. You are sure to laugh at his tutorials as he shares his talents to the WorldWideWeb. If you haven’t checked him out yet, definitely do if you need some music and some giggles!

And of course, I can’t mention a Youtube Viral Music Video without talking about Rebecca Black! Rebecca Black’s infamous music video for her song “Friday,” was cringe worthy and a sure flashback to the 2000’s. The song was released on September 16, 2011 and currently has over 100 million views. But let’s talk about her song, “Saturday.” Rebecca paid homage to her hit “Friday” with references throughout the music video and the song. What I admire the most about Rebecca is her attitude after her first song went viral. She takes the song as a joke and doesn’t let the haters stop her from doin her THANG! The viral-ity of “Friday” sparked parodies, but also gained Rebecca the viewers she has now.

Whho are your favorite music influencers on Youtube? Let me know!


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