The Loop: Stuck in a Funk

When I think of winter, I think of finals, the ending, rainy (or for SoCal peeps, the occasional gloomy) weather. And sometimes I get in a funk due to stress and anxiety. Are you in a funk? Do you dread the feelings of winter time like I do sometimes? This year has been an exceptionally cold winter in Southern California, so I’ve been in this funk for a couple of weeks now. Here is my playlist to get me through the winter months!

Two songs that I’ve mentioned in ‘The Loop’ before are “Blue,” by Troye Sivan ft. Alex Hope and “Heart,” by Flor. Both amazing songs! At the beginning of my funk-tastic mood, I listened to “Blue” 24/7! I felt like the lyrics personified my current state extremely well, although the situation of the song was on the opposite spectrum compared to my situation. Great song if you need to cope with your depression for awhile.

“Heart,” on the other hand was the first song I listened to when I was ready to “be myself” again and try to get a hold of my life. After an hour, which felt like forever, of down time with my Penny board, Iko, I needed something to motivate me. And the solution to that was this song. The next two hours with Iko rolled by smoothly! I highly recommend if you’re ready to jump back into the roll of things!

Now, here are my songs I recommend to listen to if you’re feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or suicidal, friend.

If you need a song to tell you to hold on: “Missing You” by All Time Low
If you need a song to help you through the good and bad times: “Stay Alive” by Andy Black
If you need a song to help you to move on: “Let it Go” by James Bay
If you need a song to help a friend: “How to Save a Life” by The Fray
If you feel like you’re going through it alone: “Safety Pin” by 5 Seconds of Summer
If you need something greater than you: “Touch the Sky” by Hillsong United
If you need a comeback song: “Hall of Fame” by The Script
If you need a song to fall asleep to: “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol
If you feel badass because you just overcame anxiety, depression, suicide, anorexia, bulimia, or anything else someone tries to validate: “Gasoline” by Halsey

Here is the playlist on Spotify!

If you need help, here are some resources:
Depression: (866) 831-7840
Suicide: 1-(800) 273-8255
A friend: my inbox


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