Track of Dreams: The Lunar Chronicles

If you’re a bookworm like me, then you dream about your favorite book or series becoming a movie. My favorite series is The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. It’s an amazing women empowering series consisting of 4 very different girls and 4 very different guys, and an android. It is set in a futuristic time, where the team fights against a totalitarian monarchist from the Moon. Great read for fans of Twilight, because of the romance, but not as dramatic, The Hunger Games, because of the strong female roles, Star Wars for the space theme, and Disney movies, because of the characters.

I dream of the day it finally gets made into a movie, and I wish that I had the credibility to curate and score a soundtrack for it. But as a fan girl, I can only dream. So here is my dream soundtrack for the series, The Lunar Chronicles.

1. For the badass-ery: “Tomorrow Never Dies” by 5 Seconds of Summer
2. For the charmingly, “un-lovable” Carswell Thorne: “Tear in my Heart” by Twenty One Pilots
3. For the fluffy Epilogue: “Medicine” by the 1975
4. For the queens and kings: “Harps” by Max and the Moon
5. For the sometimes doubtful Emperor Kaito: “No Easy Way Out” by Kid Astray
6. For the French countryside farmer Scarlet: “Disappear” by Parker Millsap
7. For the controlling Lunars: “Dreamers” by Scavenger Hunt
8. For the hopeless romantic, satellite-living smoll bean Cress: “Bright” by Echosmith
9. For the fierce and passionate Wolf: “Pack of Wolves” by Astronomyy
10. For the fight: “Part of Me” by ASTR
11. For the fighters: “A Real Hero” by Electric Youth

Here is the playlist on Spotify if you wanna have a listen!
What is your favorite book or series? And, what songs would you choose to make your own dream soundtrack?


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