What’s in the World?

I remember the first time I ever listened to KPOP. I was finishing the 7th grade and my aunt played me a song from the boyband SHINee. Then she showed me another song from the group, Big Bang. And boy, was I hooked. From their catchy lyrics, to their dance moves, and to the stories told in every music video (No joke, they were like mini movies!) Now, I’ve kind of grown out of the KPOP phase, but my little sister has her favorite (BTS!!!). And listening to these subgenres that have made a completely huge brand for themselves, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by them all over again.

“View” by SHINee

I mentioned that SHINee was the first KPOP band I listened to, so they have a special place in my heart. I haven’t listened to their most recent songs, so this one that I recommend was released last summer. “View” is so catchy! And that’s what is extremely important about KPOP: Songs, dances, and performances need to be memorable in order to make it in their neck of the woods. You’ve gotta be a triple threat, rather than just swing the knee out to be a true KPOPSTAR!

“Clock Strikes” by One OK Rock

Then last year, I went to a 5SOS concert and I wanted to go again this year. I did some research about who was their opening acts and one of them was the JROCK band One OK Rock. “Clock Strikes” is a fast pace song about heartbreak and friendship. It’s so powerful and the live performances look absolutely killer. You can feel the connection between the lead singer, Taka, and the audience. Everyone is involved when belting out this anthem.

“Koe Wo Kikasete/ Let Me Hear Your Voice” by Big Bang

This one is kind of an oldie. It was released 7 years ago, but the members have not aged, and I have to talk about Big Bang. They are the biggest and most popular boyband in KPOP. Everyone knows them for this title. This song is a JPOP song, so not only do you have to be a triple threat in the KPOP World, but you also have to learn how to sing in a new language if you want to reach other places. Many American artists still sing in English during their world tours. The most successful artists in KPOP translate their songs to suit their audiences overseas. This includes English and Japanese versions. Have a listen to this song if you’re in the need for a heart wrenching love song.


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