Shuffle the deck

I’ve got my headphones in and my playlist on shuffle. Here are the 10 songs that play when I let my phone do it’s thang!

1. “12” by The 1975

An instrumental, dreamy tune full of sighs for a minute and twenty seconds. Easily, the first song I would choose to fall asleep to in winter nights or sip some tea with a book in my lap.

2. “Drops in the Ocean” by Hawk Nelson

A powerful beat that holds a special place in my heart, because of a memorable, live cover performance. The crashes are truly reminiscent of the big waves at cloudy, NorCal beaches.

3. “King of the World” by Young Rising Sons

A sick bass line driven song by the almost drowned out vocals for the one who enjoys the sound of a neighbor’s music through a shared wall. Makes me want to run in field like a wild thing.

4. “Love Like This” by Natasha Bedingfield ft. Sean Kingston

A cutesy, fresh love song that puts a pep in your step, even if you’re single. Reminds me of childhood, first crushes. For me, Natasha Bedingfield was someone I wished was my carefree, bohemian aunt.

5. “Boomerang” by The Summer Set

The type of song that would introduce your summer montage with its catchy lyrics and  perfect combination of acoustic and electric guitar. It’ll make you wanna dance beachfront in the bed of an old pickup truck with a bonfire for you and your crew.

6. “A.M.” by One Direction

The perfect song if you never want to say good-bye and force the world to slow down. The scratches of the guitar strings make it feel like every time you close your eyes, it’s a private acoustic session playing in front of you.

7. “Ribcage” by Andy Black

An anthem for badass, butt-kicking for the heartless and stone cold. Or for those putting up that facade. Got a killer outfit? Play this song for your own personal runway.

8. “Gone, Gone, Gone” by Phillip Phillips

An ace of a song to dedicate to the ones you love. Reminds me of my mom. Specially picked for the long train ride headed home.

9. “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

The foolproof song to play after days of rain, weather and emotional nights. Awakens memories of Sundays as a kid, running barefoot and wild in a too big backyard without a care in the world.

10. “Talk Me Down” by Troye Sivan

A brew of sublime yet muffled shouts and violins to carry you through the rhythm of the drums. A song to tug at the heartstrings of even a heartless listener. It’s nice to be reminded that you’re still human, every once in awhile.

What are the 10 songs that play when you put your playlists on shuffle?


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