Just the Sounds

For me, good music is great/catchy lyrics and beautifully produced instrumentals. I love poetry! So when an artist has a big hand in lyrics, I’m a big fan already. But let’s peel back the curtain and check out the instrumentals. Here are my favorite songs without a single word sung for the crunch time or when your tired of the human world.

1. “Rooftop Kiss” by James Horner

A beautifully composed piano and string instrumental that makes you body go fuzzy. Close your eyes a picture yourself alone, but not lonely.

2. “Zimzilla” by Mad Q

A soft, smooth sound carried by a catchy bass line for fans of R&B. Kind of makes you wish there were lyrics to it, but there aren’t, so it leaves it ambiguous to the listener.

3. “Through The Summer Fields” by Floating Lights

If you need a simple song for a movie montage, this Twilight-esque arrangement is the one for you. A perfect combination of electric guitar riffs and the beautiful melody from the piano.

4. “And Along Came the Rain” by Elba

When you need some serious, exclusively piano music this arrangement will surely deliver. Picture yourself in a cabin in the woods, listening to this with the sounds of soft rain in the background.

5. “Stitches- Sleep Version” by Chris Call

For the electro pop junkies, this is a beautiful baby of the subgenre and classica music. Hints of a subliminal bass line and bongos will make you want to wander fearlessly in an artsy, abandoned subway. This song has everything, even a smidge of vocals to soothe the soul.


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