Guilty Pleasures: Boybands

Did I ever mention that I basically grew up listening to boybands? I didn’t? Well, how can you avoid it when all the cool teens are listening to them! As a kid, I was intrigued by the synchronized dancing, the melodious harmonies, and of course, the killer good looks. What are these boybands that I have in mind, you may be asking, well, get comfy, cause their’s many of them.



Duh! The birthplace of musically talented, JT. Justin may be everyone”s favorite, but my heart will always belong to the charismatic, JC Chasez. They’re also dreamy, and that’s a very important quality in 90’s and early 2000’s boybands. All of their albums are amazing, but if I had to choose, their Christmas album, “Home for Christmas,” is the best thing to shamelessly listen to, even year round!

Backstreet Boys


Um, the fact that these guys are still going strong, and making hearts throb, says that they are the ultimate boyband (next to New Kids on the Block, because I wasn’t born when they were pops)! They have the best bromance, because they’re still together and always enjoying their live performances. My favorite song? Easy! “Everybody!” Because BACKSTREETS BACK, ALRIGHT!

Dream Street


Remember when I said what all the cool kids were listening to? THIS WAS THE BOYBAND!!! My cool, teen cousins loved them, and since I wanted to be a teenager, I loved them too! Jesse McCartney was my first celebrity crush, and I’d gladly have my heart broken by him, even today! I’m torn between two songs, so they’ll both have to take the title. “Sugar Rush” is a song that every middle school girl wanted their crush to say to them. While “Feel The Rain,” is a dramatic song about regret after a young breakup. Cue the thunder!

One Direction


Everyone and their mom loves the 1D guys! From rejects to X Factor runner ups to complete and total, music domination. The One Direction boys offer a new refreshing taste to the boyband world, and basically set the bar for any new boybands to come. Yeah, at first their songs were a little bit chirpy, but they completely evolved into their own different music tastes and styles (yeah, I just did that). They took a wack at writing their own music, which I’ve stated before, I can appreciate. Sad to say that like the other boybands, besides Backstreet Boys, they have disbanded. I’m obsessed with the songs “Temporary Fix” and for a slow night, “If I Could Fly.”

What are some of your guilty pleasures? Are you obsessed with any boybands? Let me know in the comments!


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