It’s a STAND UP!

Everyday there is more and more progression to achieving equality for everyone on all levels of living. It’s a huge part of this day age to be aware of the chaos in this world. Celebrities have an awesome oppurtunity to promote equality, love, and peace because of their platforms. Here are just some of the most famous artists using their presence as activism.

Stefani Germanotta-Lady Gaga


She’s a pioneer in activism. She’s unapologetically herself. Stefani has always been herself, and only used her alter ego, Lady Gaga, as a facade at the beginning of her career. Now, it’s time for Stefani to take the spotlight. She plays an active role in the crowd against rape culture and promotes kindness and compassion, even in a mean world. She’s a huge inspiration as she takes the stage and belts out a powerful song to teach the Z Generation.

Ashley Frangipane-Halsey


Halsey’s online presence is widely known, because she’s so “Tumblr” and very relatable, but all in her own way. She’s an advocate for feminism and promotes equal treatment of the LGBTQ community. Her upfrontness of her sexuality inspires many to strive for their fullest potential despite what others say. Her trendy style and alternative music are wanted by so many youths of this generation, which is why she has such a huge following. It’s awesome to see her use her platform to promote equality for all.

Andy Biersack- Andy Black


Recently Andy Biersack and his wife, Juliet Simms, underwent some difficulties. Shortly after the incident was publicized, Andy took some time to take to social media about the dangers of alcohol abuse and to clear up the rumors that had exploited their incident. It’s difficult for people to own up to their own personal demons and to use their experience as an effective way to teach others, especially to an audience of teens who anticipate drinking days. Not only does he advocate for soberiety, but also anti-bullying.

Kesha Rose Sebert- Ke$ha


Kesha Rose plays an active role for animal rights and for the LGBTQ community. As of this year, she unfortunately lost the case against Dr. Luke, but she was finally free of him after he was fired from RCA Records. She woman-ed up, and isn’t letting the results from the case stop her from making her music and being an advocate for the silenced victims of abuse, rape, and hate. She is also a proud advocate of the LGBTQ community.

Zendaya Coleman- Zendaya


Zendaya has a huge presence in the acting world, music industry, fashion realm, and online sphere. She’s a proud Black girl and puts down any haters in the classiest way possible. She just came out with a killer fashion line that offers trendy clothing for ALL sizes, not just the standard 3 sizes. She holds hope for the young generation, in her hands.


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