Top 5: Celebrity Music Video Cameos

So, I’ve talked about celebrity covers, but what about the visuals? I love a well thought out music video, and to have one of their famous friends star alongside them makes it even more enjoyable. Here are my Top 5 Celebrity Music Video Cameos!

5. Zendaya in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”


So Taylor had like 50 of her squad members, she had to have taken a spot. But my all around favorite cameo was Zendaya’s badass scene of taking out that harmless teddy bear. And this is a little biased because I dressed up for her as Halloween in 2015. But Buzzfeed also ranked her as the most badass out of all the Bad Blood alter egos!

4. Ashley Graham in DNCE’s “Toothbrush”


Such a wonderfully catchy tune, paired up with one of my favorite models! Love seeing curvy girls being portrayed more in the media. Ashley is such an inspiration and her role in music video shows that thick girls are loved. I can’t wait to see more videos promoting such wonderful positivity!

3. Dianna Agron in Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One”


Dianna Agron is stunning in this music video. She perfectly embodied beauty and brokenness, which is extremely important to Smith’s song. Watching it was like seeing a mini movie as the audience is intrigued by the story of lies, hate, and utter heartbreak.

2. Andrew Garfield in Arcade Fire’s “We Exist”


Andrew Garfield is my favorite Spider-Man. He’s a great actor and to be fully committed to a part that some actors may not be fully comfortable with, just shows how much passion he has to tell a story. It changes the song by giving the audience a new perspectives, something only great music videos can do. It told a story.

1. Tyler Posey in Halsey’s “Colors”


The #1 spot for me has to be Tyler Posey’s appearance in Halsey’s song, “Colors.” Not only is this my favorite song of her’s, but the music video itself, was nothing like I had ever seen. It was filmed so aesthically pleasing and told an insane storyline of an obsessive crush gone wrong! And Tyler has a special place in my heart, because he’s such an all around cool dude who is a huge fan of alt and punk music!


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