Top 5: Covers

Don’t think that I’ll be diving into Youtuber covers, because that’s a whole different ballgame! Instead, these are chart topping artists covering their fellow colleagues. Here are my Top 5 covers everyone needs to hear!

5. Craig David- “Say My Name/Feed Em To The Lions” Mashup


Craig David is an R&B legend! You think that you’re prepared for a well rounded and intricate mashup, but boy, does it catch you off guard! His ability to transition from the insanely fast paced rapping back to the Destiny’s Child classic is jaw dropping. He’s not just a singer, he’s a performer!

4. DNCE- “Hands to Myself”


If you love chart topping pop songs, this is the cover for you! The band completely flipped this song around and owned it! It’s got a funky, distorted vibe that makes you forget that it’s a pop song. I see Joe as the next Adam Levine in the near future. He’s got the stage presence of the frontman and the vocals just like him!

3. Panic! At the Disco- “Starboy”


One of the reasons why, The Weeknd is so popular, is because he’s got an insanely unique voice for the genre he’s playing in. Panic! At the Disco took on the challenge to cover his song on BBC Live Lounge and they nailed it! Brendon’s voice adds a raspiness to the song all while hitting those high notes.

2. Alessia Cara- “Hotline Bling”


It’s difficult to fathom words for such an amazing cover. Alessia Cara’s unique voice made it easy for her to call this cover her own. She definitely took it down a notch compared the Drake’s version, but the simplicity of it and inclusion of instrumentals change the song from its catchy form to a meaningful tune.

1. Foxes- “Photgraph”


I can’t imagine anyone else singing this song after listening to Louisa’s rendition. The incorporation of multiple instruments, violin and drums, to the original, elevates this song without trying to make it completely her song. She adds to the simplicity to the song. I appreciate an artist who still honors another artist, but adding a smidge of greatness to it. Not to mention, her sultry and soulful voice, shows that she wasn’t just trying to karaoke. Plus, she throws in a little surprise! But I’ll let you figure that part out!

Honorable Mentions:

Mayday Parade- “Somebody That I Used To Know”

Demi Lovato- “Take Me To Church”

All Time Low- “Elastic Heart”

What are your favorite covers?


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